We wish to advise that at 9.45am on Friday 18th December the Club was notified of a positive COVID case who visited the Club on Wednesday the 16th of December.

NSW Health has advised that anyone who visited the Club on Wednesday 16th December ONLY from 5.00pm till 1.00am to immediately get a COVID test and self isolate until you are contacted by NSW Health.

NSW Health will contact you and determine if you are a close or a casual contact and give you further information.

For more information, please contact NSW Health & visit


Cronulla RSL’s COVID-Safe Plan

Entry to the Club

Please use hand sanitizing stations upon entry. These are located throughout the Club for your additional use. Hand washing signs are in all hand washing areas. The Club asks that you use these to ensure your safety and that of others.

Upon entry to the Club you will be greeted by our wonderful concierge team, they will ask you if you are showing any signs of COVID-19 symptoms. If you are showing any symptoms you will not be permitted entry to the Club. This is vital that you do not come to the Club if you are unwell. Following this you will be asked to sign in providing a contact phone number or email address. This applies to Members and Guests. This does not apply to children. This information is retained for the health department for 28 days.

Exit from the Club

Exit from the Club will be via the doors to the Bowling Green. You do not have to sign out of the Club.

Lower level carpark

For those patrons using the carpark club side, there will be a buzzer that you will need to push to gain access to the Club. A staff member will attend the door and conduct entry procedures as stated above. They will explain to you how to gain access back to the carpark on your departure.

Courtesy Bus

Our Courtesy bus will be running reduced operations carrying limited amounts of patrons. It is preferred you make your own way to and from the Club.

The Club

Our concierge team will explain to you about limited numbers in all areas of the Club directing you to the location of your booking or your preferred seating area. The Club will be managing the numbers in each area and we will do our best to grant seating in your preferred area. When you arrive in your seating area a host will advise you of how to order food and beverage. Yes, you can come to the Club and just have a drink. They will also advise you on the preferred restrooms facilities to use.

It is important that we ensure the least amount of contact between all patrons and co-mingling is strongly discouraged. Our staff will advise you on further restrictions to ensure your stay complies with the restrictions imposed. It is paramount that you remain seated other than purchasing food, beverage, placing a bet or using the restrooms.

Our Team

Our staff have completed several courses on Work Health Safety and the management of COVID-19. Around the Club you will see COVID Marshals who are easily identified in a fluoro vest. Their role is to ensure we abide by the restrictions and assist patrons with the social distancing measures.

All Staff attending work will have completed a mandatory induction on the requirements of managing the Club during this time. This includes numbers in venue, social distancing, hand washing, cleaning, and disinfecting protocols, including proper usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Our Clean Club

The Club is cleaned and disinfected throughout the course of the day. This has been escalated to ensure all touch points are cleaned more often especially those in high contact areas. Before re-opening each day, the Club is thoroughly cleaned again with approved cleaning and disinfecting products.


You will notice lots of signage around the Club assisting you with COVID-19 restrictions, please take the time to read these signs and follow the guidelines.

Social Distancing

It is paramount during your stay that you always comply with Social Distancing when seated, queuing, using restrooms, entry and exiting the Club. We have created our areas reflective of these restrictions and we ask that your continued support will keep our doors open and our staff back on track to normal employment.


Whilst this may seem overwhelming, we are confident that we will deliver you a wonderful time. We hope that the restrictions through good practice and management will be lifted in the near future.


Looking forward to seeing you!

Friends By the Beach

Board, Management and Staff

LATEST NEWS: Temporary closure of facilities


22nd March 2020


Dear Members and Guests,


The Prime Minister has announced that as of 12pm tomorrow all Registered Clubs must close. We will not be opening the Club from close of trade tonight. This will be reviewed in 4 weeks’ time . We will continue to follow government instruction.


We thank you for your support over the past week as restrictions were announced and implemented. We pray all our members, families and friends to stay healthy during this time of such uncertainty.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Cronulla RSL real soon.


Yours sincerely


Sue McNeill • Chief Executive Officer

FURTHER MEASURES: 100 person limit and social distancing in practice


18th March 2020


Dear Member,


This morning the Prime Minister announced Australia-wide restrictions on non-essential, indoor gatherings of more than 100 persons. This measure is intended to slow the spread of the COVID-19. These do have an immediate impact on our Club.


We write to assure you that the Club will remain open, and that we are working to ensure we remain a welcoming, safe community refuge during these testing times.


From tomorrow the areas of our Club are zoned to accommodate the 100-person limit. The below areas are open for your enjoyment.

  • Level 1 – 100 persons
    • Our functions centre has been converted to a Lounge Area which will accommodate several activities as listed below. Level 1 will be restricted to Adults only.
  • Level 2 – 100 persons
    • The Bay Level will continue with its current offer including Café, Members Lounge and Sports Area.
    • Children’s area closed
  • Level 3 – This level has several zoned areas available for use
    • Migaloo’s Bar and Watergrill Restaurant, children’s area closed – 100 persons
    • Sunroom – 100 persons
    • Deck – 50 people

Our Prime Minister spoke extensively about social distancing. The Club will have signage advising all patrons to practise social distancing when utilising the facilities.


For decades Cronulla RSL has offered the community a place to gather; to celebrate, love and connect. We now need to exercise both creativity and compassion to ensure that we can continue to do so. We realise that keeping some semblance of routine for our regular members is important, and that now more than ever hygiene and safety is paramount.


As a result, we have adjusted the regular promotional activity on offer, and can confirm that the following events will take place:

Our recently launched promotion, Win the Ultimate Experience, will be postponed until further notice.


Unfortunately, effective immediately our Saturday night DJ’s and Sunday Sunroom Sounds events have been cancelled.


We appreciate your co-operation during this time as we aim to ensure the health and safety of our Members and guests.


Yours sincerely


Sue McNeill • Chief Executive Officer

A joint message from our President and CEO


16th March 2020


Dear Member,


We are contacting you today regarding the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and what we, Cronulla RSL have put into place to ensure the safety and security of our patrons and our staff.


In response to the outbreak we have:

  • Enhanced staff hygiene protocols.
  • Increased frequency of cleaning equipment, surfaces and “high-touch areas” including bathrooms, door handles and buttons during trading hours.
  • Hand sanitisers have been installed around the Club and its entrances to encourage patrons to use upon entry and whilst enjoying the Club amenities.
  • Staff who have travelled overseas are self-isolating for 14 days prior to being able to return to the workforce.
  • Cutlery is being removed from tables and individually packaged by staff who are wearing gloves to ensure the utmost cleanliness.
  • Single-use menus have now been implemented
  • “Help yourself” sauce & cutlery stations have now been replaced with portion controlled products
  • We’re actively encouraging patrons to practice social distancing whilst enjoying our spacious Club facilities.


It should also be noted that no single area of our venue has a capacity of 500. In fact, all areas of our Club fall under the 500 persons limit recently imposed by the Federal Government.


As detailed in a Statement from Clubs NSW to the media:


“NSW clubs remain open for business, and the public can be assured that their local club is a safe and hygienic environment, with no detected cases of COVID-19 to date at 1200 venues across the state.


The Prime Minister and Chief Medical Officer (CMO) were clear in their advice that while non-essential mass gatherings such as sporting events and concerts will have to be reviewed, people should go about their everyday lives.


Day-to-day club operations will be unaffected, and venues have already taken proactive steps to ensure that your local club is a safe place to enjoy a meal and a drink.


The CMO has confirmed that the infection rates, and risk to the community, of COVID-19 remain very low.”


We also wish to advise that following further discussions with the NSW Government, RSL NSW has made the decision to cancel all public ANZAC Day commemoration services across the state. The risk to vulnerable people during the current health situation is simply too high for these events to continue in their traditional format.


Our Club is a wonderful community asset that we would like everyone to continue to enjoy during this time, we ask that if you are not well please do not come to the Club. The Club will continue to follow the World Health Organisations recommendations to reduce the spread of the virus.


We hope like all in the community that this virus leaves us quickly and wish that you remain safe and healthy during this time.


If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us HERE



Ian Bourke • President

Sue McNeill • Chief Executive Officer